Instructors Bio

Shepherd Sports Martial Arts Instructor

Master Sonny Garber

Master Sonny is a seventh-degree black belt in Okinawan Shorin-ryu karate. He received his black belt in only 15 months (the fastest in the State of Michigan) under Master Tadashi Yamashita, who is Black Belt’s Hall of Fame 1987 Weapon’s Expert of the Year. 

At only 38, Master Sonny has been teaching karate and competing in tournaments on a national level for 20 years.

· 2015 Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee.

· 3 time National Fighting Champion

· 4 time National Forms Champion

· 6 time National Breaking Champion

· Travels extensively and demonstrates his knowledge of personal self-defense and incredible hand speed.

· Inventor of E-Z Belt, a competition-friendly martial arts belt

· Holds world record for breaking cement with his head. His record is 100lbs.

· As an instructor, Master Sonny is knowledgeable, thorough, energetic, and is loved by kids and students of all ages. He has the ability to pull out the best from his students.

· Faithful Member of Shepherd Church serving in the Sports Ministry as a Martial Arts Instructor, Sonny is excited about blending his talent with his faith in Jesus Christ.

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