Can I bring in a whole team?

In our best effort to keep the teams balanced we do not allow whole teams to sign up together. You may sign up in pairs, a group of 2 or a group of 4 and be guaranteed that you will all be placed on the same team together.

How many games do we get to play?

You are guaranteed 8 games. Teams that qualify will advance to the playoffs for a chance to win the ever so popular Championship Shirts and play 1 or 2 more games.

How much does it cost to play?

1) Individually: $75 2)Pair: $130 3) Register as 4: $240 (Please see registration form for complete cost/groups breakdown)

What does my league fee cover?

The league fee covers the field use, referees, game balls, and a great time!

How people are placed on a team?

Anywhere from 8 - 10 players will be considered a full team.

Where are the games played?

Shepherd Church Gym

When are the games played?

Night of the week can vary. We generally start at 6 or 7pm in the evening. Your game time will rotate every week. No game will start later than 10pm.

Do I have to try out?

You do not have to try out. All players that want to play will be placed on a team where space allows. However, if you have not played in our Futsal Soccer League before you must attend the Skill Assessment Day.

What is Skill Assessment Day? (SAD)

All new players that wish to participate in our league must attend SAD which will take place a week or two before the league starts. The purpose of SAD is to determine the skill level of the new players so we can make all the teams as fair as possible. You will do several simple drills that display your soccer ability.

What size ball do you use?

We generally use a size 4 ball.

Can I wear cleats or spikes?

Only flat soled or turf shoes designed for indoor artificial surfaces are allowed. No studded or screw-in shoes.

How many seasons do you offer?

We offer 2 seasons of Coed Indoor Soccer throughout the year.

-Spring and Fall