Coed COMP Volleyball League

Our Competitive League is designed for adults who love to play volleyball at a highly competitive level. Shepherd Volleyball stages a family friendly environment and a great place to compete playing the game you love. This league is best for intermediate to highly advanced. A full team is required to join the competitive league. We only offer the comeptive league in the fall every year. However, we offer a rec level and advanced rec level league through the entire year. 

Fall Competitive Volleyball League - 2019

  • Registration Deadline: September 13
  • League Starts: September 27
  • League Night: Friday's
  • Game Times: 7, 8, 9, 10pm
Register HERE for COMPETITIVE League

Competitive League Notes

  • Shepherd Volleyball Jerseys are required for all players (Home/Away Set) - $25 can be purchased at the door. These jerseys are for you to keep and you'llbe able to use the same jerseys season after season. 
  • Our competitive leagues are designed for players/captains to bring a whole team (8-10 players).
  • This Volleyball league is competitive and players should be intermediate to advanced in skill.