Web_17Co-Ed-Volleyball.jpgShepherd Volleyball Leagues are designed to meet the need of every volleyball player. From our fun loving Rec league to our highly competitive league, we strive to make the experience a great way to meet new friends and fellowship around the game of Volleyball.

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Coed REC League

Coed REC Competitive League

- What League To Best Place Yourself -

Standard REC League:

Our Coed REC League is intended for those who are new to the game or at a novice level and desire to enjoy the game while improving upon their skills. This league strives to maintain competitive within the set forth skill levels and is a great place to have fun while getting a great workout.

Competitive REC League:

Our Coed REC-Competitive League is for those who would consider themselves athletic or have intermediate to advanced skills in the sport of volleyball. The REC-Competittive League is a great way to compete in faster and more up paced volleyball league. It's recommended that you have previous years experience playing some type of competitive volleyball. 


Shepherd Sports has the final say to move players to the appropriate league. This is both for safety and to help keep all the leagues as fair and competitive as possible.