IMG_6427.jpgYouth & Sports Center Gym Rental

The Gymnasium at Shepherd Church is an 11,700 square foot facility that houses both side and full courts for basketball and volleyball. The full length basketball and volleyball courts are college regulation. The gym has several special features including stadium and bleacher seating, a stage and three screens for video or Power Point. The Shepherd Sports Center and its state of the art flooring can hold up to 500 people for a sporting event.

Rental Process

If you are interested in renting the Gym please contact Pastor Josh Merrill and he will send you a rental packet. Within this packet you will find a worksheet, rental conditions, insurance requirements, pricing, payment information, and further instructions.


The gym at Shepherd is a busy place that functions as the hub for Shepherd Sports and a worship facility for the youth ministries. and a meeting place for the Middle School Ministry on Wednesday nights. Because of this active schedule in the gym, it helps us greatly if you can be flexible with your dates and times, and we will do our best to accomodate your rental needs.